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The second I loaded up Keez Movies, I fell in love. This is because it is one of only a few ‘small’ sites I have seen online which actually allows you to browse by performer. In fact, the second you boot up the site, you can select the performer you want to see. All the big ones here, including Kim Kardashian, who while she only starred in a single film, it is probably one of the most famous ones in the world.

I mean, it gave birth to a shit ton of reality TV. However, I digress. I love the fact that you are able to search by performer. We all have our favorites, and being able to track them down within seconds is nice. There are a few thousand videos on Keez Movies, which means it is not the largest free tube site in the world, but it is what it is. The lower quantity of videos means that you are less likely to see crap stuff.

I am not going to say every single video on Keez Movies is gold, because that would be a lie. However, it does seem to have a slightly higher quality of movie than a few other sites online, so I am going to heap a ton of praise on it for that reason alone. There are surprisingly few ads on the site too.

Not sure why this is, but it does make the whole site browsing experience a little bit easier to deal with, in my opinion. Whether they are going to ads when the site becomes more popular is anybody’s guess, but for now, it is a truly terrific site to browse through. If there is one unknown tube site which is worthy of a place in your bookmarks, I reckon this would be it.

Review Pros

  • Browse by performer
  • Thousands of Videos
  • Some HD Porn

Review Cons

  • Limited selection

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