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Tube Galore is somewhat of a weird site, and if I am being completely honest, it is not a site that I fell in love with right away. This is because it is so fucking bland. Normally when I look at adult entertainment, I want to see tons and tons of images just to show me what I am getting into. Tube Galore is nothing more than Google.

Well, OK, not Google, but it functions in the same way. It is a handy search bar that searches countless tube sites for you. Then it hit me. Tube Galore serves a very, very important purpose. This is to allow people to search for porn without hopping from site to site. There are over 45 million videos you can browse in the search, so if you have a hankering for something different and don’t want to take the time to jump from website to website, then Tube Galore may be right up your street. The search doesn’t always work brilliantly.

For example; I just typed in ‘incest’ and nothing came up, but when it does work, you are going to be introduced to some of the best videos around. Want to know the best part? There are barely any adverts. This means that you aren’t going to be told ya have a small dick that needs to be made bigger constantly (you probably don’t) or that there are hot and sexy teens in your local area ready to bang you (no offence, but there probably are not). It is just an overall ‘good’ least when you can get the search working, but since this is a new site, I am going to put that down to teething issues. I am sure it will work perfectly in the near future.

Review Pros

  • Easy search
  • millions of videos

Review Cons

  • Layout is shit
  • Search system sucks

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